How to buy

Existing Customer

If you are an existing client of Metwood you have the option to place orders by phone or via the web. If you wish to place orders via the web, please contact your account representative. Metwood will create a unique user id and password, this will allow you to place orders at pre negotiated prices . Should you forget your login information, the forgotten password option will allow you to retrieve the user id and password using your email address.

New Customers

Please contact Metwood on 03 9338 6233 or via email at to open an account.

Product Ordering

If you are an authorised user you can access contracted items (pre negotiated prices) and also view and purchase other items from our extensive product offering.

Metwood offers the option to list and order products on an Express Order basis.

All products that have been contracted to you can be selected by specific group and/or category levels.

The listed products allow you to enter the quantity you wish to purchase.

All selected products are automatically added to your shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

The Shopping cart option will allow you to:

Revise the quantity you would like to purchase.
Remove products from your shopping cart.
Continue to buy other products by pressing the "Keep Shopping" toggle
View the Sales order including the total cost.

To accept the order please proceed to Checkout.

The Shopping Cart products will remain against your userid/password until you have either checkout or removed the products from your cart.


On checkout you will be able to:

Select your delivery address

Enter your reference. (This is a mandatory field.)

Confirm order details.

If you are not an existing client of Metwood ,purchases must be prepaid by Credit Card.

A confirmation order will be sent via email.

Order Status

You can check the status of your order by selecting "Your Account"

You will be able to retrieve all other historical orders placed via the Web by selecting "Your Account"


All Prices shown on our web site are in Australian Dollars only.


All product prices shown exclude GST. GST is included and shown as a separate amount at checkout, on sales orders and Tax Invoices.