Frequently Asked Questions

Damage In Transit

What happens to damaged goods?

Any damages sustained in transit are fully covered, goods will be credited to your account or replaced.

Delivery Times

What is the turn-around time to receive an order?

For Melbourne deliverys allow 24/48 hours, for regional please allow 72 hours.


Do you Charge Freight?

A freight charge apllies to all orders however customers may have agreements in place that negate charges.

Missing Items

What happens if the products are delivered without a signature?

Metwood or the designated carrier will not be held responsible for any missing items from the delivery when authority has been given to leave the goods without a signature.

Payment Options

Does Metwood offer Credit Account Facility?

We do offer our customers credit account facilities. To obtain details on our credit approval and acceptance criteria please email or call us.

Do you accept cheque payment?

If you do not have an account with us all cheques must be cleared before the goods are delivered.

Do you accept payment by Electronic Fund Transfer?

We do accept EFT Payments.

Do you accept credit card payment?

Metwood accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Product Pricing

Are Metwood Price in Australian dollars?

All Prices shown are in Australia dollar only.

Is GST included in the Price of Product?

GST is not included in the Product Price. The GST is shown as a separate amount with you list of purchases.


Do you use a local carrier?

Metwood employs a fleet of drivers and when required engages a third party as a local and national carrier.

Do you ship internationally?

Metwood does not ship goods overseas. The system will not allow a new customer to be registered outside Australia.

Are we able to pickup the goods directly from the warehouse?

Yes, arrangement's need to be made prior to collection .

Unavailable Products

What happens if a product I order is out of stock?

A customer service representative will contact you to offer an alternative product or advise when the goods will be available, at this tme you have the ability to cancel any backorders.